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Who We Are

At Ascend CRO , we are committed to using the most effective marketing strategies and tactics to help growth driven businesses succeed online. We are a result driven marketing agency. We keep improving our methods, tools and culture to make certain we’re adding immerse values to our clients, our associates and our lives.

Our Mission: Making businesses succeed online

Our drive is to find out everything there is to know about turning website visitors in to happy and loyal customers.

We are committed to continuously test all our recommendations so as to remove anything that does not work and leave only what works. We do this in our lead generation, outbound campaigns, web page copywriting, copywriting and in every other thing that we do.

We always want our work to be tested. Only the data we capture from the A/B tests we conduct can determine what works and what doesn’t. And from what we’ve discovered, most marketers don’t do this.

Our Values   

These values shall be our secret to success in the business of helping businesses succeed online:

    1. Our real product is the success stories of our happy clients. We’re always on the lookout to add to our success stories.
    2. We believe in win-win or no deal.
    3. We believe in the golden rule. We treat others the way we want to be treated.
    4. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.
    5. We believe that hard work mixed with competence leads to success.
    6. We must be the best at what we do. 

Our History

Ascend CRO was born early 2020 after our founder, Usoko Limdam, conducted a marketing experiment for an executive education firm that brought in exactly 3,670% return on ad spend. Since then, we have not turned our back on becoming very effective at turning websites and advertisements into profits for growth driven businesses.

At the very core of our existence, we’re entrepreneurs at heart. We understand how important marketing is to the survival of any business. It’s either we make things work or we close down the business. Our business is 100% bootstrapped.

Our Proposition

We are a result driven marketing agency focused on only helping businesses increase online sales and profitability by using a combination of hyper-targeted lead generation, leads nurturing, web sales copywriting, conversion rate optimization, direct response marketing, landing page optimization, persuasive email copywriting and marketing.

    • We’ve tested a unique marketing and sales system in 2019 that brought in exactly 3,670% returns on ad spend for an executive training and development firm in Abuja, Nigeria.  
    • Other agencies show awesome design projects but we are only here to increase your website traffic and conversion. (Which will double or triple your sales!) 
    • We guarantee our work. We offer to work for free if our marketing didn’t produce results in 90 days. It’s either we’ve brought massive value to your business in three months or we’re on our way to doing so. If not, we’ll work for free until we bring you result.
    • We’ll be completely transparent with you. Our marketing system might not work for your business and situation or we might not be a good fit for you. In the unlikely event that any of these happen to be the case, we’ll let you know.
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We helped a company gained exactly 3,670% return on their marketing within three months using a unique online marketing and sales strategy that we designed. 

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