Landing Page and Sales Page Copywriting

Would you like to turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine that constantly converts strangers into leads, then converts those leads to customers... and double or triple your profit?

Imagine having more of your website visitors turned to paying customers in the next couple of months? That can skyrocket your profit and grow your business.

The biggest problem most businesses face with online marketing is that there website’s conversion rate is very low.

They drive massive traffic to their website through paid ads and SEO but the traffic end up going down the drain.

People click on their ads and visit their landing pages and sales pages but they end up not signing up for free download or trial and that goes ahead to affect their sales.

The mistake businesses make when it comes to online marketing is that they spend time and money designing great looking websites that don’t really bring them customers and sales.

Top web companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have some of the best converting web pages. Their websites are designed primarily for function not for aesthetics.

So most businesses find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation whereby they’ve spent money on their web design, SEO and paid ads but they still don’t get amazing results that they could get if only they paid attention to optimizing their conversion rate.

You website conversion rate is simply the percentage of your web visitors that perform the desired actions you want them to perform. These actions could be signing up for free trial of your product, downloading a free information resource like eBook or even buying your product.

If your website’s conversion rate is very low, your business is literally losing potential sales and money.

Those sales could be going to your competitors. You wouldn’t like that. You should be gaining market share and not losing them to your rivals.

To solve this problem, every single page in your entire sales funnel should be optimized for conversion. Your landing page should be turning most of your web visitors into leads, then your sales pages should be converting most of your leads into customers, bringing you revenue and lastly, you should be up-selling and cross selling your customers.

And at the core of increasing your conversion rate is the sales copy you use for those pages.

Having well researched sales copy written for all the pages on your sales funnel would mean the difference between just doing business as usual and doubling or tripling your sales.

The biggest online businesses do this often and they keep getting more growth while those who don’t struggle behind.

Want more website sales?

Here’s our different approach that increases conversion on your landing pages, sales pages and even the pages you upsell and cross sell your customers

1. Insane amount of research goes into the work we do for businesses.

We don’t assume to know things; rather we seek to find out everything we should know about your audience, your product and your competitors. We seek to who your customers really are and what makes them take action when they are on your website or your competitors’. With the insight we get from the research we make, it will enable us know what changes to make to your web sales copy that will dramatically improve your conversion and make you more money.

2. We are direct marketing copywriting specialists.

We live and breathe direct response marketing. Our strength lies in mastering the secrets to crafting persuasive marketing copy that help our clients get massive results from their marketing. We would deploy our expertise in writing persuasive copy for your web sales funnel that will convert your web visitors into leads and convert those leads into sales.

Our website copywriting covers:

  1. Home page copywriting
  2. Lead generation landing page copywriting
  3. Long form sales letters
  4. Upsell sales letters
  5. Top-level web copywriting (for About, Services, Product Pages)
  6. FAQ page copywriting
  7. Case Study copywriting
  8. Special report (or White Paper) copywriting
  9. Short video script or podcast script copywriting

Here are the salient features of our high converting web copywriting:

  1. In-depth market research to understand your product, your current, prospective and past customers and to also understand your competitors
  2. Attention grabbing headlines and sub-headlines to keep your audience interested in your offer
  3. We would write persuasive lead and body copy for your business
  4. Every copy we write for any of your web page will help build rapport and gain trust between you and your target audience
  5. We’ll write copy that shows you understand the pains or desires of your audience
  6. The web copy we’ll write for you will help your audience understand  why other products or solutions they’ve tried didn’t work the way they expected and what they can do to get results
  7. We’ll also let them know why you are completely different from other businesses out there
  8. We’ll write copy that’ll highlight your credibility and trustworthiness
  9. The copy we write for you will show proof that your product works just as you promise it would
  10. We would write copy that show the features, benefits and advantages of your product or service to your audience
  11. In addition, we’ll write copy that’ll overcome common objections in the mind of your target audience in advance even before they come up
  12. Last but not the least, our copy will persuade your audience (web visitors) to take action. This could be to buy your product, sign up for a free trial, join your newsletter, download a free trial or even contact you. Whatever your goals are, we are here to help grow your sales.

With that you would get:

  1. Increased web conversion
  2. More leads into your sales pipeline
  3. More sales from the leads
  4. More profits and;
  5. More growth

Want to get awesome copy written for your website to increase your conversion and make you money in sales?

Choose a plan below and we’d contact you to learn more about your business.

Home Page Copywriting (to boost conversion)

$ 1000 Only
  • Turn your website's home page into a sales machine.
  • Convert more visitors into leads and grow your business
  • You can get three times more return on marketing just by increasing your web conversion rate

Lead Generation Landing Page Copywriting

$ 1000 Only
  • Convert most of your web traffic into leads
  • Build your leads pipeline effortlessly
  • Grow your business

Long Form Sales Letter (for Single Promo)

$ 3000 Only
  • Quickly gets your products sold
  • Converts your prospects into buyers
  • Easily converts cold traffic into sales

Two to Four Upsell and Cross sell Sales Letters

$ 6000 Only
  • Upsell your customers
  • Cross sell with more offers
  • Generate more sales
  • Double or triple your profit

Top-level Web Page Copywriting (About, Service & Product pages)

$ 450 Per Page
  • Build rapport with your web visitors
  • Communicate effectively
  • Gain trust
  • Grow your business fast

FAQ Page copywriting

$ 750 Only
  • Answer key questions in the mind of your prospects
  • Block the most common buying objections
  • Build rapid credibility
  • Make more sales

Case Study Copywriting

$ 850 Only
  • Showcase your best results to prospects
  • Win clients over
  • Overcome buying objections
  • Build strong credibility

Special Report (or White Paper) Copywriting

$ 1200 Only
  • Capture more leads
  • Educate your prospects and customers
  • Establish your brand as the leader in your market segment
  • Outplay your competition

Video or Podcast Sales Letter

$ 200 Per Minute
  • Instantly grab the attention of your target audience
  • Ignite their interest
  • Channel their desire
  • And get them to take action immediately


  • Web Sales Funnel Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting
  • Personalized Outbound Email Campaign
  • Lead List Building
  • Leads Sales Nurturing


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