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Generate More Sales With a Completely Done-For-You Email Marketing Service

Email Is The Most Profitable Marketing Channel

“Email is 40X better at acquiring new customers than Twitter and Facebook combined.” – McKinsey and Company

“Email brings an average of 4400% ROI with 174% conversion than social media.” – CampaignMonitor

Grow Your Revenue with ROI Driven Email Marketing

Whether you are an education firm or a local ecommerce business, you can use email marketing to give your revenue a boost and take your brand to the next level of growth. You could send 

What Our Email Marketing Service will Do for Your Business

  • Nurture new leads into buying customers
  • Activate existing cold leads and past customers who haven’t bought from you for a while
  • Promote new offers and generate quick revenue
  • Build rapport and trust with your audience
  • Get regular sales
  • And lots more.

Our Email Marketing Service Covers:

  • Email marketing strategy
  • Email copywriting
  • Email design
  • Email marketing management
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • ESP setup and integration
  • Split testing
  • Regular performance report
  • Conversion tracking and lot more

How We Create Winning Email Marketing Campaigns

1. We get to know your products or services

We’ll research your product or service to gain deep level understanding. We’ll make sure we know everything about your product including every single feature, benefit and advantage.

We’ll even go as far as understanding what sets your product apart from every other competing products and how this uniqueness can be leveraged.

2. We’ll then get to know your customers

We’ll conduct research to know who they are, what they do, where they live, the kind of work they do, their age, gender, what their biggest pains or desires are with regards to your product, what their experience and perceptions are towards other brands offering similar products or services.

We’ll find out where they spend time online, who they follow online, where they get their news and information and lots more.

With these demographics and psychographic data at our disposal, we’ll then create a complete persona of your email audience. That way, we’ll know the exact mechanism to use when sending them emails on your behalf. 

The research we’ve conducted will tell us what make your audience tick.

3. Thirdly, we’ll get to know your industry

We’ll learn  more about your the industry you operate in, your competitors, what they’re currently doing that is working for them and what isn’t, and what their email marketing strategy is.

This knowledge will help us identify gaps in their marketing we can explore to give your brand an edge over your competitors

Here are the kinds of sales conversion emails we create for brands

  • Standalone long form sales email
  • Welcome series
  • Abandonment emails
  • Promotion emails
  • Activation emails (think “we haven’t seen you in a while!” emails)
  • Weekly or monthly newsletters

Here's how we create personalize email campaigns for brands

  • Personalized subject lines
  • Personalization based on a customer’s name
  • Personalization based on customer’s past purchases and preference
  • Personalization based on customer’s time zone 

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