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Between Copywriting and Content Marketing, Which of Them Can Bring Your Business More Sales?


(Be advised, this is going to be a long read but it will be of certain benefit to your business if you read it to the end… And we will try selling you something after showing you some marketing tactics that can truly help your business.)


Firstly, what do you want to achieve, specifically, in your business in the next six to twelve months?

If you are like most business owners or managers, then you’d definitely want a massive amount of sales flooding into your business day in, day out… 


You’d want more people to know about your business and to know that it exists to help meet their needs, solve a specific problem they are facing or help them achieve certain goals or desires.

You’d also want them to know that your offers are better or faster or cheaper and more efficient than that of any other business out there.

As far as you are concerned, as a business owner or manager,…

…you want to make more profit and take your business to the next level… 

…while helping others. 

Maybe this could be the reason you went into business in the first place.

Now, I think you probably don’t want to waste time and money trying different marketing ideas and tactics without knowing which will work and which wouldn’t.

Thus you want to know what the most effective marketing strategy is to give a boost to your sales. Maybe you also want to know how soon it will start bringing results.


If that is the case it will be to your advantage to understand the difference between copywriting and content marketing so you can know which of them can give you the results you want.

This way, you would be on track to reaching far greater business successes than what you’ve had in the past.

In this article you are going to learn the difference between copywriting and content marketing, their advantages and; how, when and where to use them to grow your business.

Not understanding the difference between these could cost you lost sales, money, time and energy doing the wrong thing without ever getting the results you desire.

You already know that any business that is not doing any sort of digital marketing (i.e. content marketing, copywriting, SEO, paid advertisements, social media marketing and video marketing) will soon find itself in a very very difficult situation.

Now let’s dive into what copywriting and content marketing are.


What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of using words (mostly written) to get people to take certain desired action which could be to place an order, sign up for a free trial, call your business, opt into your newsletter, download a free report or brochure, open your email or click on a link.

It is simply the art of using persuasive words to get people to act through writing.

It is salesmanship in writing. 

It’s contents can be used in creating text, video, audio and graphical materials for promotion.

Copywriters command one of the highest fees among writers in the world.

They are highly skilled in the art of understanding human psychology and using persuasive words to get people to act when they come in contact with your marketing materials; be it on your landing page, sales page, social media ads, display ads, email, brochures, text, direct mail letters, print and videos.

If you want to get more sales online, you might want to consider getting a good copywriter to write persuasive marketing copy that could help scale your business.

Good copywriting can double or triple your sales online.

Direct response copywriting makes people take action immediately when they read your ads, email or letter and when they watch your sales videos.

Here are some reasons why your business needs good marketing copy to get massive conversion and sales online in record time. 


Why Your Business Needs a Good Marketing Copy to 2X, 3X or even 4X Your Sales

1. A good copy sells on autopilot

If you want to reap the benefits of having a 24/7/365 days a year sales machine that always brings in new leads, nurture those leads and convert them to buying customers even while you are away from your business, you would definitely need good marketing copy to achieve that.

You would need a copy for your landing page, sales page, upsell pages, email marketing, ads creative and social media marketing.

2. A good copy channels market desire to your products 

Smart business owners invest thousands of dollars to get first class marketing copy written for their business (to be used on their website landing pages, sales pages, email marketing, video sales scripts, online advertising copy, social media posts and so on) so they can stay ahead of the competition. 

They do this because they want to keep growing. They achieve that by channeling existing desires in the heart of their audience away from their competition to their business. 

Writing plain contents won’t get you the kind of results you want. It won’t stir emotions and create instant desire in the heart of your readers. I guess you don’t want that. But copywriting will do all of that for you. Here’s a little advice, invest in getting a high converting copy for your ads, social media posts, landing page, sales page and email marketing. The ROI is amazing.

3. A good copy builds credibility 

You might have probably heard of the popular saying in marketing that people only buy from those they know, trust and like. 

The way to build trust and get sales is to show proof that your product can do everything it promises and deliver on its promise. Good marketing copy will communicate your credibility in a persuasive way to your audience and get you qualified leads who will buy from you.

4. A good copy will communicate the uniqueness of your product and shine the light on what sets you apart from your competitors

Nothing is as important as bringing out what makes you different from every other business out there.

Differentiation is how you standout from your competitors. It is what makes your business unique.

You need a powerful unique selling proposition to stand out from every other company in your industry.

You must stand out or go home. 

Focus on your customers. What do they want that they are not currently getting? What don’t they like about your competition? How would they want to be served in the next ten, twenty years?

Good marketing copy brings out your unique selling proposition and puts it in a way that resonates with your audience (using their own words) and brings you results that will scale your business.

5. A good marketing copy does the job of a thousand salesmen at a fraction of the cost 

Quick question, how do you recruit salesmen who will sell your products to the entire world in just one minute at almost zero cost? I guess you probably don’t know. 

Here’s a solution: get some awesome marketing copy that convert and place them on all your customer touch points (your ads, social media posts, landing page, sales pages and email marketing). Then drive massive traffic to those touch points and in just a few clicks you could sell more than what your army of salesmen have brought for you in the last six months. 

Thus the power of good copy, sales funnel and great offer, they can double your revenue in months.

6. A Good Copy will Focus on Your Prospects and not on Your Product

People are motivated to buy from you when they know that you have their best interest. If you focus on your product, how beautifully packaged it is, how well trained your team members are and all that… you will be missing out on sales. 

Instead focus on knowing who it is you are serving. 

Understand their dreams, wishes, desire and hidden pains and worries… even their age, gender, occupation, where they live, work and hang out etc.

Know what keeps them awake all night. 

Know them fully, inside-out… then focus your message on how your product can help them to either take away a specific problem from their life or bring them closer to their desired place. Such is part of the tasks of a good marketing copy.

7. It Helps Grow Your Business by Driving Massive Sales to It 

A good marketing copy doesn’t just assist your team to get more leads. It goes beyond that and closes those leads for you so you can focus on delivering your promises, expanding your business and taking time out to do other things that matter most to you. 

8. It is like a Salesman that doesn’t Get Tired nor Sleeps 

Here’s a fact, your salesman will get tired, take sick leave or even go on holidays from time to time but your copy won’t. 

It is there to work for you, turning ice cold traffic into warm leads that become super hot customers and fans. It makes your business sales process to operate 24/7. 

9. It is the Difference between Survival and Success 

Most businesses have lost millions of marketing money online and offline by creating marketing materials and buying media spaces with copy that are poorly researched and convert poorly. 

Do you know why one marketing campaign will perform better than another campaign even though they have the same budget? It’s the message it carries. The copy. It makes all the difference. 

If your marketing materials don’t get you the kind of results you want, you might want to get a good copywriter or copywriting agency to help you carry out a research on your audience, discover new information about their pain points, channel their desires to your product and help you sell faster. Maybe you want some help with coming up with a good marketing copy that you could probably use for your website or email automation sequence to get a boost in your sales, you could probably contact us so we can see how we can help you grow your business with that.


Where and When to Use Marketing Copy?

Wherever and whenever you want sales. 

You can use it to get complete strangers – who are interested in what you are selling – to become your leads (i.e. to become qualified prospects who “raised their hands” to learn how you can help them solve a problem) and get those leads to buy what you are selling.

You can use the copy to keep selling to your existing customers and leads who are in your email list and those who follow you on social media

The copy could be written as a sales letter to be used on your sales page. (This is when you want customers to bring out their cards and buy from you on the spot.)

You could also use copywriting on your landing page, email optin page or free trial page. (This is to capture leads whom you will build a rapport with over time via email marketing and keep selling to them without even running ads again.)

If you want to attract more prospects using paid ads, a good copy specifically written for such purpose will come handy.

Email marketing is the most lucrative marketing strategy out there. In addition to using your marketing copy on your landing pages, sales pages and paid ads, the next place to use your copy is in your email marketing

Don’t underestimate the importance of having high converting email copy done for you. When done right, email marketing can bring you more than 10X ROI in just months. 

You can get high converting email copywriting done for you so you can focus on just collecting money from buyers and growing your business.

In addition, you could use short form copy on your social media handles to get more traffic to your landing page or sales. This is how it works, you paste a marketing copy on your social media handle for your prospects to read. 

When they read, there will be a call to action in the copy that will tell them the next thing to do if they want to get what is being promised in your copy. It’s simple. But not easy to do. However, with practice you will get better at it.

Now let’s take a look at what content marketing is, it’s advantages to your business, when to use it and where to use it.


What is Content Marketing?

You are probably familiar with blog articles, social media posts, videos and podcasts.

Those are different channels where content are distributed.

According to this article, content marketing is focused on creating and distributing content that are valuable and relevant to your audience so they can know you better, trust you, like you and do business with you.

While copywriting is focused on getting your reader to take certain action after reading your message (such as clicking on a link, opting into your email list or making a purchase), content marketing is about creating content (in various formats which are written word, video, audio or images) and distributing them across different channels without necessarily having the intention to sell but to inform or educate your audience.

The purpose of creating a content is to add value to the person who will be consuming it.

Once a content does not add value, it won’t serve your business in any way.

Whenever you create content, your goal is to serve your audience, which could be to educate, inform or entertain them.

Your content marketing strategy should establish your brand as the authority or thought leader in your niche.


Advantages of Content Marketing to Your Business

1. Do you want to build a brand that will resonate with your market for the long term? Focus on creating valuable contents and distribute across the various channels of content distribution. This will help you build brand equity and followership.

2. Content marketing is the easiest way for you to be seen as an authority in your market. The more you help your audience through the content you create for them to use to solve some of their pressing problems. Example, you could have a YouTube channel dedicated to creating ‘how to’ videos to help your audience solve specific problems in your niche.

3. It brings tons of organic traffic (which is the most authentic and profitable kind of traffic online) to your business. The more your contents contain certain keywords that your audience uses to search online, the more your content and website appears on the top of search results in search engines and social media networks and the more you gain organic visitors to your brand.

4. Through content marketing, you will easily be discovered by the people looking for you online. Oftentimes when people search for a brand online, they are either in the research phase or the buying phase and they need more information to enhance their decision making process. 

5. It makes your audience come to you and not you going to them. It is a magnet that attracts them to your business. It is one of the best inbound marketing strategies that will deliver returns in the mid- and long term.


3 Reasons to Get Excited about Content Marketing

1. People always have problems that they want to solve. They have goals, aspirations and dreams they want to achieve. They are always driven by desire to gain pleasure or they are running away from certain pain in their lives.

 2. They go online searching for a solution to their problem. They know that the internet has answers to almost every question. They actively search for answers on search engines, forums, social media groups, blogs, YouTube videos, reviews etc.

3. They are willing to pay for a well presented solution they could find online to urgently solve their problem. If you don’t do content marketing, your competitors will be capturing your potential customers at your expense.

Before starting content marketing it is advised that you create a content marketing strategy to help you get faster results and save you time and money.


Crafting Your Content Marketing Strategy

Three Things You Must Know Before You Start Dishing Out Content Like a Chef Under Fire:

1. First know who you are creating content for. 

An in-depth knowledge of your target audience should come before your content creation stage. First know who they are, how they think, what they do for living, where they spend time online and many more demographics and psychographics data about them

2. What are their urgent needs and how can your content help them?

As a marketer you should lean towards helping your audience get closer to their desired end. Strive to understand what your market might be trying to solve on their own then create content that could help them solve it.

3. Choose the format your content will take 

Having done research on who you are creating content for, now you can start creating those content for them. To do that, in what form do your market want to be communicated to? Is it through blog articles, ebooks, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or are they moving to newer platforms like TikTok or Snapchat? 

You have to get this information to make your content marketing strategy a success.


Different Forms of Content Marketing You Could Use to Start Scaling Your Marketing ROI

Content can be created, distributed and consumed in different forms. Let’s take a quick look at some of them:

1. Video content

Your video content can be formatted to be distributed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and even your website to reach your audience)

2. Text content

Here you write articles for your blog and social media handles. You also write copy to be used for your online paid ads, sales funnel and email marketing. In addition, you could create email newsletters, ebooks and reports to be given to your audience either free or paid subscription.

3. Graphical designs and images

Your graphic content can also be distributed on all social media platforms, your website and email marketing campaign. They help in making illustrations for your products or services so the audience will gain quick grasp of your message.

4. Audio content

Your audio content marketing tactic could be distributed as a podcast to engage your audience who prefer listening to reading or watching. There are a lot of podcast platforms out there for businesses to use to build their brand. Do your research on the platform that has the majority of your target audience.


How to get the Best Results from Online Marketing 

Don’t chase vanity metrics at the expense of getting more leads and converting those leads to customers. 

Ever wondered what I mean by vanity metrics?

A lot of businesses focus on the number of likes, shares, comments, followership and clicks they get on their contents and sometimes the traffic they get to their websites.

They do this at the expense of their conversion.

They don’t check the percentage of people that interacted with their content to the percentage of people that they converted.

Let your focus be on conversion more than anything else. Dial in on optimizing your conversion rate.

What is conversion rate optimization and why does it matter to you?

The biggest internet businesses are highly leaned on conversion rate optimization and this is why it matters…

Imagine 20,000 people visited your landing page from an ad you run and only 120 of them click to download the free report you are offering them.

That means that your landing page’s conversion rate is 0.6%. It means that you are only capturing just 0.6% of the people that visit your website at that point in time.

Now your media buyer might tell you that your ad is running well and even show you that 20,000+ clicked on the ad. Don’t let that get you excited.

You’ve ended up wasting money. 

The problem is not with the ad but with your landing page copy.

It could be that the copy on your landing page or sales page does not convert, hence costing you money.

If you want better results from marketing, get a great marketing copy for your business and increase your conversion rate. 

You might want to have us increase your conversion rate and make you more money from your marketing this year.

We will carry out detailed research on your market and create marketing copy that you can use on your website and email marketing to get more conversion and sales for your business.

Let’s hear from you today, contact us.

Would you like us to help grow your conversion and sales?

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