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Persuasive Copywriting: How to Know Your Prospects’ Buying Core before Writing Your Next Sales Copy


Quick question, how well do you know the people you are selling to? Simply because you know you are targeting, for example, real estate brokers, tech startup founders, management consultants and so on does not mean that you have core knowledge of your prospects. You have to know them at their core.

Please note that it is imperative to have demographics data of your prospects such as their age, gender, occupation, place of work, industry they work in, their job titles, who they follow online, where they hangout online (and even offline), the city they live in, their preferred social media platform (not everybody enjoys Facebook, for example, while it’s not everyone that likes posting photos of their private life on Instagram); you have to know where they get their news from and lots more. 

Demographics Data is Extremely Important But Not Enough

The demographics data you gather about your prospects will help kick-start your customer acquisition journey. But they may not be enough to write killer sales copy that’ll skyrocket your conversion and sales.

You just have to know your prospects at a much deeper level. You have to know them at their buying core.

Your sales will drastically increase when you have a deep understanding of who you are selling to. Writing persuasive copy goes beyond having basic information of who you are selling to.

Three Intrinsic Levels of Reaching Prospects

Master copywriters and salesmen reach their prospects on three intrinsic levels: intellectual, emotional and personal. Then they craft highly persuasive copy that brings in massive sales. You will be grasping a very vital insight that will transform your copywriting and make you more money.

1. Intellectual Level

The intellectual level is the first and basic level of reaching prospects. It appeals to logic. Though effective, it is not as strong as the other two. Many marketers sell at this level. They try to appeal to the prospect’s reasoning.

Like I said earlier this is effective in itself but it is not strong enough to pull massive results. Let’s take a look at an example of how to reach people at their intellectual level:

You’d like to buy the stocks we recommend in our Wealth Creation email newsletter and see returns that are 30 to 60 percent higher than market average.”

The example above illustrates how to reach prospects at an intellectual level to get them to use logic to make a buying decision. This is good and it works; but it is not good enough. You should be reaching your prospect at levels beyond their logic.

2. Emotional Level

A much effective and stronger ay to reach prospects at a much deeper level to touch their buying core is at the emotional level. When you trigger some highly responsive emotions like fear, desire, greed, love, sex, pain, anxiety and benevolence (used when writing copy for fund raising), you will getting very or sales page.

Using our example on wealth creation newsletter, our emotional appeal to get more subscribers might look like this,

“Our expert advice on wealth building can help you reduce your losses, make you more money and put you among the richest people in your neighbourhood or state. Imagine having the means to live life at your terms, paying cash for next brand new Mercedes Benz, Tesla or any other luxury your heart yearns for… You’ll be at peace knowing that you’re financially secured and start enjoying the amazing things life offers.”

Now that we have looked at how to reach prospects at the intellectual and emotional level, let’s take a look at how to reach them at the most effective level. Once you master how to connect with prospects at this level you will be unstoppable. You will be an expert at writing copy that gets jaw-dropping results.

3. Personal Level

If you want to reach prospects at their very core and get them to do exactly what you want them to do, reach them at a personal level. Again using our wealth creation newsletter example,

“Did you lose money during Covid-19 lockdown, to the extent it affected your goal of getting financial freedom and retiring early? Right now you can gain back all you have lost and even more to rebuild your net worth, make your dream of financial freedom and early retirement become a reality. And these can happen sooner than you think.”

This message is directed at the prospect’s personal financial situation and how they can gain back what they’ve lost and still achieve their financial goal.

Master the ability to reach prospects at all three levels – intellectual, emotional and personal – and see how your sales will go off the roof, bring you massive profits and give you the freedom to live life at your own terms. With more sales flowing in, you can work whenever and wherever you want and pursue other things your heart craves for.

Three Elements that Influence Your Prospects at their Buying Core

People’s beliefs, feelings and desires are the core factors that influence their buying decision. They form the driving force that determines the choices they make whenever they are presented with offers and they need to decide whether or not to accept the offer. These are the emotions attitudes and aspirations that drive them.

We are going to take a closer look at how these three elements – belief, feeling and desire – constitute your prospects’ buying core. Your ability to understand what these intrinsic elements of persuasion will impact the results you get from your marketing. Here are the three factors that influence your prospects at their buying core in details:

1. Belief

Answer these simple questions about your prospects and multiple your sales: what are their believe towards your the products or services you sell? What have been their experience using similar products? How do they rate the results they got using your product or other products in the past? How do they think of your product and the challenges it solves?

These questions will help you understand the perception and experience of your target audience towards your product, your competitors and your industry.

Once you understand what your audience believes about you and your product, you will be able to use that insight to frame your copy and advertisement to either reinforce their belief (where it is positive) or promise them a much better result (where their experience or believe towards what you are selling is negative).

2. Feelings

What are their feelings towards your brand? What kind of people are they? Are they confident and proud or are they polite and courteous? Are they having fear and anxiety? Are they excited to learn of your offer? What makes them happy? Are there things that are affecting their ability to be happy? What gives them sleepless nights in any area of their life be it their business, health, finances, family, career, automobiles, neighbourhood etc?

Anything that affects their feelings can affect how they will respond to your offer. Emotional selling is the key here. Your job is to know their current state and use it to sell them. It is much easier to meet them at their current state and sell them than it is to create a whole new feeling for them.

Acknowledging your prospects current state does not only show empathy from you, it helps you gain easy access to them at their buying core.

Once you have identified their current feelings, anxieties and frustrations, the next time to do is to help them get to their desired state or feeling. Doing this very well will boost your sales.

3. Desires

What is your target audience’s biggest desire or ambition? What do they truly want at a very personal level given their present circumstance? What change or transformation do they hope to achieve in their life, health, relationship, finance, business, career, time, marriage or any other facet of life that your business can help them achieve?

Identifying what the innermost dreams and desire of your target are can bring you ten times more sales in record time. You will be astonished at the jaw-dropping results your copy brings you simply because you invested time to truly understand who you are selling to.

The secrets you just learned have been part of the success secrets of superstar copywriters and salesmen. All you have to do is to master these principles and grow your business or client’s.

Massive sales success has always been within your reach. Your discovering, understanding and application of the most effective sales and copywriting principles and techniques is what will deliver the exact outcome you want.

Three Action Steps to Take When Writing Your Next Copy

1. When writing copy always start with the prospects in mind and not your product or service.

2. Use surveys, focus group interview, market research and feedback from the sales team who have been selling the product you are writing copy for to gain better understanding of your audience.

3. Write out your target audience’s profile or persona from their belief, feeling and desires.

Do you want to double, triple or ten times your sales? Use what you are learning from our blog . They will help you grow your conversion and sales. Maybe you would like us to help grow your sales in months. We will be glad to help double, triple or quadruple your sales. Contact us  today.

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