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How to Write Powerful Email Subject Lines That’ll Boost Your Open Rate and Skyrocket Your Sales


Want to know how to craft highly persuasive email subjectines that will literally skyrocket your open rates, multiply conversion and bring in massive sales?

The tactics you are to read will transform your email marketing more than anything you have ever used before.

Whenever prospects receive your email message, it takes them less than ten seconds to decide if they are going to open your email and read or do one of these three things: ignore it, delete it or mark it as spam. You already know that such response to an email is not desirable by any marketer or company.

You want your email to be open, read and acted upon by your audience. Given the avalanche of email messages prospects are bombarded with on a daily basis from numerous businesses, it is becoming extremely difficult to get high open rate consistently unless your email subjectline standout from literally thousands of others.

The good news is there is a secret to writing powerful email subjectlines that a higher open rate compared to what others are doing. You already know that the first thing everyone on your email list sees whenever you send a message is the subjectline.

Now we are going to dive into some of the most powerful email subjectlines you should start using to boost your open rate and increase conversion and sales. These are secrets to writing high converting emails that get opened and read. Master these simple techniques to give your email marketing a boost.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

The first tactics to writing highly persuasive email subject lines that get opened and read is to create a sense of urgency in the subject line. What this does is to create fear of missing out in the mind of the readers. People hate missing out on great offers, especially if people they know or their competitors might have taken those offers before them. They just don’t like the feeling of missing out of something that will benefit them.

Here are some examples you can use:

            Normal subject line: “Get 45% off your roof repair.”

            Subject line with urgency: [Ending NOW!] Get 45% off your roof repair”

            Another example: “[3 days only!] 45% discount on roof repair”

From the example above, if a prospect knows they need their roof to be repaired but they are taking time to decide, this subjectl ine will make them take action instantly because they are about to miss out on a great deal to get their roof fixed.

2. Say Something Unique

Email subject lines that get more opened usually say something new or they say something the reader already knows but in a fresh and unique manner. This will trigger the recipients to be eager to read what you have to say. Always try to create curiosity in the mind of your audience when they see your email subject.


            “Not doing this hurts your sales”

            “Why doctors smoke but don’t want you to”

            “Don’t ever say this to a woman”

3. Always be Specific

It is absolutely important to give your readers hints or ideas about what they should be expecting from your email when they open it by just reading the subject line. You have to trigger their feelings, belief and desire. While doing this, mix your subject line with elements of curiosity.

You don’t want to let the cat out of the bag before they even open your email. What you want is to get them interested in opening your email immediately. Do this without ambiguity. Let your subject line be related to what the body of your email carries and ensure it is specific to what your target audience wants.


            “Open this if your shipping costs are high”

            “Do this to slash your debt by half”

            “How this woman lost 15 pounds will shock you”

4. Offer Benefits

If you want higher open rates, focus on what will benefit your audience. Dial down on the most important benefit, results or changes your audience desperately need in their life or business. Once you fully understand who your email audience are, concentrate on helping them get as much benefits as possible from the email messages you send them. Remember, your prospects don’t care about you or your business but about themselves only. Your job is to discover what they want in their life, business, job or family and help them get it through your product or service. See the examples above; they contain benefits for the prospects.

5. Your Email Subject Line Should Not Be More than Nine Words

Research has it that shorter subject lines outperform emails with longer subject lines. You already know what your goal is, which is to get more open rate for your email so your messages can be read and acted upon. Hence your job is to write email subject lines that will get opened. When done well, this alone will boost the ROI of your email marketing campaign.

6. Always Test Different Subject Lines

There are some factors that could influence your audience’s decision to open your email or not on any given day and these factors are often out of your control. Take for example a mother with a sick child in the hospital or a man who just got news of his sibling having an accident. These events happen randomly and they are not something anyone can control but they influence whether or not your message get opened or read on the day they occur.

This is what you should do; try resending some key emails (like your sales messages) after sometime if you notice that the previous one you sent had a very low open rate. You can try changing the days or time you send out your campaigns. And importantly, you should always try testing different subject lines to see the ones that work and the ones that don’t.

Here are some examples you can try:

    • Fun subject lines vs straight forward subject lines
    • Long subject lines vs short subject lines
    • Simple “How to” subject lines vs crazy subjectl ines

7. Focus on Their Pain Point

On a general note, your prospects are more eager to get rid of pain or challenges in their lives than they are to do something that will give them pleasure. Getting rid of pain is a stronger motivation than getting into pleasure. In your email subject line, focus on what keeps them awake all night. Know what their frustrations are and hit on it when sending messages to them. This will capture their attention because they would really want to get rid of that thing that has been stressing the life out of them.


            “Not sleeping well at night? Do this”

            “Not getting sales? Read this”

            “Having bad breath? Watch this 3 minutes video”

8. Do This When You Run Out of Subject Line Ideas

It is common and okay to run out of persuasive email subject lines ideas especially when your mind is occupied with so many things that are demanding your attention. This happens to almost everybody. The easiest way out this is often very simple; just use “How to” subject lines to generate more email subject lines. The “How to” subject lines are effective and easy to create.

These simple tactics we covered here can help transform your email marketing and help you get the kind of results you desire from your marketing.

Quick question: do you want to get the most out of email marketing and skyrocket your sales? Email marketing is the most profitable online marketing strategy ever. Once you have your email list, you can keep making money from it continuously without having to run ads ever. Would you like to get more sales from your business?

We will help you transform your conversion rate, sales funnel, traffic and email marketing to bring you 100%+ growth in your sales in months. Contact us today.

Would you like us to help grow your conversion and sales?

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