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Double Your Website’s Conversion by Asking These 10 Proven Customer-centric Questions


Want to skyrocket your sales? Ask quality questions. Your answer lies in the quality of questions you ask your customer segments. There are lots of precious insights you will gain by asking important questions that will help you identify needs and gaps to fill.

To increase your landing , it is absolutely important to understand what makes your target audience convert. Different audience has different motivations that make them take desired actions or convert.

What makes one set of audience to, let’s say, sign up on a free trial on a marketing software website maybe completely different from what makes another set of audience who are interested in mountain diving to sign up for an upcoming mountain diving event.

How to Identify Market Opportunities

Carrying out market surveys helps you identify existing needs your business can fill and make profit from. No one business in the world is able to fully satisfy the needs of its market completely. There’s always a gap to be filled; an unmet demand to be met out there.

Customer-centric surveys help you discover opportunities out there that your business can take advantage of.

So to identify market gaps, ask a lot of quality questions targeted at your customer segment or niche to help you know where to pivot in your value proposition and enable to increase your profitability. That is how blue ocean strategies are discovered.

Here are 10 Proven Customer-centric Survey Questions to Ask Your Website Users (and Double Your Conversion Rate)

1. “How likely are you to recommend [input the name of your product, service or business] to a colleague, a friend or family member?” Let the answer be on a scale of 0 to 10. What this question does is to help you know if your customer or web visitor is willing to refer your product or service to the people in his life who are likely to benefit from what you are offering.

To find know if our customers have been speaking highly of you or have criticized you in the past couple of months, ask this: “Have you criticized or spoken highly of [company name] to a friend, a colleague, or family member in the past five months? If so, please provide details”.

2. This second question will help you uncover what your customers like or don’t like about your product or service. The answers they give here will help you know areas of your business that need improvement and where they have been satisfied.

3. This next question will give you insights into product ideas your customers want you to create for them. It can literally help you launch new lines of products that are yet to be in the market thereby giving you an edge. Here’s the question: “what other products or services would you like us to offer?”

4. Your customers can tell you how you differ from every other business out there from their point of view. The following questions will help you learn that from them:

  • “How would you describe our product (or service) to a friend, a colleague or family member?” This question will help you know what your customers think of your business.
  • “What made you choose us?” This will reveal their motivation for choosing you over other businesses.
  • “What other options did you have in mind before considering choosing us?”

5. You could literally save yourself a lot of trial and error by asking the right questions to your audience through surveys. If you want your customers to keep choosing you, ask them this question: “What would make you use us more often?”

6. To know if your customers use you often when they need the service you are offering, ask this: “do you use our [service or product name] for all your [you can name the specific problem they solve with your service or product] or do you use alternative businesses? If so, why?”

7. “Why do you use [your business name or product name] instead of the alternatives?” This question alone will help you know you are their first choice rather than your competition.

8. Direct this question only to those who have bought from you because the answer to this question will skyrocket your sales. Here’s the question: “what almost stopped you from buying from us?” Your customers who bought from you have overcome every barrier that stopped others from buying from you. They are not ignorant of those barriers but they overcome them to buy from you. You’ll gain a lot of insights buy asking them to share what those barriers are with you.

9. The next questions will help you know how your customers want you to market your business to them.

  • “How would you spread the word about us if you are in charge of our company”
  • How would you persuade your friend and family about us if you were in charge of our company?”
  • “Tell us how we could persuade your friends, colleagues and family members to use us?”

10. Do you want to know which of your products or services your customers like the most and why they do so you can ask these questions:

  • “Which of our [products or service] would you recommend more to your friends and family?”
  • “Which of our [products] are you most likely to use more often?”
  • “What [products or services] are you satisfied with from what we offer? And how would you rate your satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 10?”

Once you know the products or services being like the most by your customers, this new insight will help you design a more effective sales funnel so your most liked products will be seen and bought more often.

If your business is very small and you have nobody to survey, you can use Google Consumer Surveys.

Some Survey Tools You Can Use

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